Patient Success Stories

Just one month after her happy married life, appeared a momentous melt down in all her joyful days

Patient Success Stories

1. Mrs. R-J 27 Yrs. Old female had chronic myeloid leukemia in Aug. 2010. (A kind of blood cancer in which white blood cells proliferate and accumulate in body leading to many symptoms and enlargement of spleen )

Just one month after her happy married life, appeared a momentous melt down in all her joyful days, when a dreadful diagnosis of blood cancer was done after many tests including bone marrow. But her husband with his unconditional love and support, tried to keep her upright on some really gloomy days.

Phase of struggle, denial, acceptance and new struggle began.

Treatment commenced and she gradually started to recover.

During the course of her cancer maintenance therapy, in Sept. 2012, patient conceived.

Again, a big challenge forth the couple to live up their dream of having a baby of their own.

On their way of consulting many Gynecologists, Physicians and Cancer specialists; by luck of draw, they came across Dr. RajKumari Somani, a well known Gynecologist and Dr. Naresh Somani, a renowned name in world of Oncologists.

The team of Doctors. took this case as a challenge curve for them in many ways and showed a guiding light to the couple and their families about the pros & cons of the disease on the course of pregnancy and its possible effects in newborn.

After understanding the added risk, the couple and the supportive group of Doctors and relatives decided to continue pregnancy.

Imatinib (400mg) as part of her treatment of CML was continued (Maintenance therapy).

The course of her pregnancy was full of discomfort and panic, but she proved a warrior with a smile.

She had preterm labour pains & she delivered a preterm female baby (1.8 kg - 32 weeks). At birth no anomaly was detected. The baby was managed in NICU for 5 days under observation.

The new parents are glad to be blessed with a child of their own and happily owe their sincere thanks to the eligible Doctors. and their team for easing the knots of their life. (IF THE FACTS DON'T FIT THE THEORY, CHANGE THE FACTS)

2. I am Mr. Gopal Jat age 47 year/Male. from Maindvas Dhani Jatan, Th. Phagi, District Jaipur, Rajasthan. I happy to share about my surgery and follow up treatment which given at Somani Hospital under BSBY scheme of Government of Rajasthan. I would like to thank to Somani Hospital Team and thanks to Government of Raiasthan.